What Is This?

First of all, this is not some blog to take you by the hand and lead you step by step through the wilderness of prepping. I have no interest in testing out a million different products to tell you how they work, or to espouse political and economic sermons on the world around us. If you’re looking for hard core, go to Alpha Rubicon. If you’re looking for Mommy & Me Prepping, go to Survival Mom. If you want fear and paranoia rained upon your ears, go to any of the bible thumping off the griders sites.

This site came about because I like to write. More than that, I NEED to write. Simple as that. Whether or not anyone reads it is of no concern to me because once the words leave the keyboard, I’m at peace. I also fill out order forms and then throw them in the trash. It’s the act of writing that I seek, not approval from readers.

This is simply a following of my life as a survivalist under cover as a sheep, of someone who loves Dior and diamonds as much as she loves her Glock 21, and who easily passes as one of the materialistic masses while having close to 3 years worth of food and supplies safely tucked away in various places. I have a husband, no kids, and 4 dogs. I drive a sports car, am a government desk jockey, watch True Blood, and hate broccoli.

Welcome to the flock.